Our list of services as detailed in the Memorandum of Association includes among others:

  • Turn-key projects; Design and Construction of Whole Structures 

This involves running the project from conception through design (initiation

of the project), coordination, management and actual construction to 

finished stage. All services are provided by the company. Proposals are 

made in agreement with the clients.

  • Project Management; Coordinating and Organizing Building Teams

This includes carrying out feasibility and viability studies of projects, coordination and nomination of consultants, 

project monitoring and supervision.

  • Consultancy services in the fields of Architecture, Engineering and Quantity Surveying

The company has in-house services of experienced and registered architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors. This

unique synergy creates a system of close coordination of consultants thereby minimizing errors, ensuring speed of 

delivery, workable solutions and reducing complications.

  • Landscape Designs

The company provides comprehensive proposals and executions for hard and soft landscaping.

  • Property Development

Development of whole structures for lease or outright sell or/on build, operate and transfer basis. Purchase for leasing 

or selling after remodeling/renovation of such structures.

  • Education

Our team's experience in the education construction arena is impressive. As a builder, a trade's contractor, and a construction manager, we have been building schools for decades. UYK is currently managing numerous education contracts that involve up to 26 individual buildings with a total value over N20billion! We have both the capability and capacity to build your schools. In addition, our team's estimating accuracy has been -0.5% in the past several years.

  • Healthcare

UYK has healthcare experience in everything from small outpatient facilities to major medical campuses. These projects have included renovations, additions and new construction.


The issues that arise in healthcare construction are distinct from any other type of work because of the sensitive nature of the building's environment. Infection control, risk management and the challenges that come with working in an active facility are all major issues that must be dealt with. Our HSE certified professionals are familiar with these types of complications and have the experience to meet them with effective solutions.

  • Industrial

Working in an industrial setting presents a unique set of challenges and issues. Time and schedule are often driving factors in the project. UYK has the ability to self-perform a large percentage of the work that industrial construction entails, allowing us to drive the schedule and deliver our projects on time.


Industrial work almost always takes place in an existing facility that must maintain operations through the duration of the project.

We are aware of the potential challenges facing a project of this manner and are able to minimize their impact, saving time and lowering costs.