UYK Nig. Ltd is a company that cares about our people, our customers, our suppliers and contractors, the communities we work in, the environments we impact. We treat all these things with care and respect at all times, wherever we work.

Nobody should ever be at greater risk because they work for us. Everybody has the right to go home in the same state as they come to work. Members of the public are also entitled to expect us to make sure our activities do not harm them.

We are committed to eliminating the risk of serious harm from all of our activities, and to keeping our people healthy Every UYK business must design and execute its work so that safety and health are planned in day one-for everyone.

We make health and safety our first priority for everyone who works for or with us. We aim to achieve a zero incident construction system across all our businesses on a daily basis. This means taking the risk of serious harm out of all activities, so anyone who works for UYK, and every member of the public, is safe.

Specifically our Zero incident system means:

  • No deaths.
  • No injuries to the public.
  • No seriously disabling injuries to our people.
  • No long-term harm to health.
  • Aiming for zero accident frequency rate

Our zero incident objectives

  • Promote safe and healthy working and take care of ourselves, our colleagues and the public.
  • Challenge and report anything we believe is unsafe-never walk past.
  • Come to work in a fit condition to perform our job, free from the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Know and comply with all our policies, rules and procedures on safety, and understand how they apply to our work.
  • Understand the hazards associated with our work and never undertaken and job without the necessary training, planning and equipment.

Our Commitments

We will:

  • Eliminate fatal risks.
  • Drive out hazards.
  • Maintain zero incident day to day.
  • Keep the public safe from harm from our activities.
  • Keep all our people healthy.
  • Work with our customers.
  • Make safety personal.

Senior managers have a special responsibility to provide strong leadership on health and safety, and to set a visible role model for others to follow. But responsibility for safety also lies with every one of us.

We must all make safety personal.