About us

Over the past few years, Nigeria has witnessed a broad reform, which focused on deepening the market through creating incentives and favorable business environment for different sectors of the economy in general and the building engineering sector in particular. It is true that the construction sector like any other is intricately linked to the macroeconomic context within which it operates. However, more is required from the players in the industry to harness Nigerian economic potentials. 

There is a renewed call for superior quality services that match global best practice, as well as developing innovative ways that are customer focused from the construction companies. UYK Nigeria Limited is committed to playing a lead role in the transformation of the construction business in Nigeria by doing things differently and doing different things within the confines of high professional and ethical standards.


The aim is to consistently provide new bold values through need-based and exceptional quality service to delight both our corporate and public sector clients. For over ten years, we have remained committed to these principles; the numerous clients we have served is testimony to the company’s distinctive value offering. 


UYK Nigeria Limited was established in April 1995 as a Business Venture, it became a going concern with limited liability in the year 1998. The Company has been waxing from strength to strength since its inception and has culminated into one of the largest private limited liability companies operating in the building engineering, information technology and procurement sectors of the Nigerian economy. The organization was established to conduct business in a professional, ethical and customer-focused manner. As part of its corporate brand strategy, the company implemented a rebranding exercise recently to position itself as a leader in the industry, part of which was the unveiling of the new corporate identity for the company.


The Company is licensed by the Nigerian federal authorities to carry out a broad spectrum of activities amongst which include but are not limited to construction, procurement, imports, exports and information technology projects. 


As part of our efforts to transform the industry; UYK Nigeria Limited uses innovative technologies to manage its projects. This allows us to track the performance of all projects seamlessly and communicate same to clients.